Special Guest – Next Sunday

Special Guest – Next Sunday
March 25, 2019 Angela Logan

Known as a strong conservative, Senator Nathan Dahm will be with us next Sunday, March 31st. In 1994, the Dahm family moved to serve as missionaries in the former communist nation, Romania. Upon graduating high school, Nathan returned to Romania as a missionary. During that time, he served in his local church and designed the 65-acre Bible school campus built just outside Bucharest, while serving as the general manager. In 2003, Nathan added the position of Dean of Students serving four years until returning to Oklahoma. Upon returning, Nathan noticed the changes and challenges facing America. He became involved in the Tulsa County Republican Party and has served on the Executive Committee, as a Precinct and Vice-chair, and as the President of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly. As a Constitutional Conservative, Nathan draws heavily from his experiences in the formerly communist- and currently socialist- nation of Romania to inform people of the failures, perils, and evils of socialism. Nathan is one of the few home-school graduates to ever serve in the Senate. He serves on the General Government Committee, the Finance Committee, the Veterans & Military Affairs Committee, the Business & Commerce Committee, and the Sub-Appropriations Committee on Select Agencies. ***Pastor Roger will still share a message from the Word.


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