We all have a purpose and this is ours.

Shekinah Fellowship Church is dedicated to reaching our community, our city, state, nation, and remote areas of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Focused conferences are held within these facilities to develop individual ministries within the congregation and throughout. We support a wide range of missionary efforts such as over-seas missions, church planting, and more.

A gap is bridged every week by offering up-to-date approaches to ministry.

Shekinah has a fresh mix of friendly faces, to create a loving atmosphere. Services have something for everyone, no matter the age or background. The “open” style of worship allows you the freedom to dance or sit quietly, it’s up to you.

Shekinah Fellowship wants you to be comfortable and at home in the loving arms of a church that cares about you. We want you to feel free to worship God and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.